Richard Meier’s High and Mighty Beach House

With 25 tons of glass and 5,000-pound I-beams, the architect creates a cottage to withstand any storm.

A High-Level Collaboration on a SoHo Loft

Prompted by her journalist partner, the choreographer and dancer Elizabeth Streb domesticates.

Tenants of a Vanishing World

An apartment at the Apthorp is a lone outpost of the kind of bohemian family life that renters could once have there.

After the Breakup, What About the Lake House?

A couple’s tale of lost love has a familiar arc, and an epilogue that has become increasingly familiar as well, as unwanted houses become prisons rather than cocoons.

The Makeover Moment

Even as many people are being more cautious than ever about spending, some homeowners are deciding that it’s a good time to renovate.

The $300 Makeover (At Least That Was the Goal)

Five designers were asked to remake a room for people in and around the city who had recently lost their jobs, spending no more than $300.

Lots of Pictures, Little Space

The Times asked a designer to help a West Coast transplant display her extensive photo collection in her Jersey City home.

Vicente Wolf Creates an Indian Sanctuary in Kips Bay

Temples and palaces in India inspire a low-cost, hot-pink room in a New York apartment.

Fitting a Nursery Into a Home Office

An interior designer helps a couple solve a New York puzzle: where to put the baby, on a $5,000 budget.

Inside Designers’ Homes

“Designers Here and There: Inside the City and Country Homes of America’s Top Decorators” documents the wide array of spaces designers create for themselves.

The Rocky Road Home

An American moving back to New York from Afghanistan had $10,000 to spend on furnishing his Chelsea apartment. The Times asked the designer Richard Mishaan to help him resettle.

Newly Married, in Search of a Style

When a young couple discovers the difficulty of making a home on a relatively small budget, it’s time to bring in the design professional for guidance.

Redecorating Isn’t Always Pretty

A client and her designer trade ideas (and barbs) en route to a happy ending on a tight budget.

A Place Fit for the Boss

A reader’s Brooklyn loft gets a makeover on a $5,000 budget with the help of a professional designer, who took the space from stark to sleek just in time for a party with colleagues.

Old Sofas Borrow a New Idea From Cars

After the success of this summer’s cash-for-clunkers program, retailers and manufacturers are introducing trade-in programs for everything from outdated entertainment centers to used mattresses.

The Couch Potato Was Born in Paris

Joan DeJean, author of “The Age of Comfort: When Paris Discovered Casual — And the Modern Home Began,” explains how the sofa was an agent of cultural change.

All Dressed Up

Taking a cue from fashion, furniture companies are pushing their customers to accessorize. A necklace for your bed anyone?

High Point Hears Cheers From Abroad

The overseas market for American-made luxury furnishings, though small, is rising.

New From the Wright Archive

Tim Copeland, a Vermont furniture maker who has exclusive rights to produce Frank Lloyd Wright’s furniture, was reviewing drawings at the Taliesin West archives in Scottsdale, Ariz., last year when he made a surprising discovery. Among the drawings…

Try to Contain Yourself

Ann Sullivan, a professional organizer, shopped for storage containers that make organizing appealing.

Fans That Look Cool

Ron Rezek, the founder and owner of the Modern Fan Company in Ashland, Ore., went shopping for portable fans.

A Ph.D. in Patio Fabrics

Dr. Andrew H. Dent, a consultant who researches textiles and helps designers find materials, searched for outdoor cushions that would survive the summer.

When the Vases Hit the Floor

Porcelain, one of Thomas O’Brien’s new rugs for Safavieh Couture, features a series of childlike depictions of Chinese vases.

Made in Brooklyn

Just as Brooklyn has become a center for locally produced, handcrafted food, it has also developed a broad population of independent, often artisanal designers.

In Case You Missed It

Taschen has created a facsimile edition of 265 issues of Arts & Architecture magazines.