• How We Live

    On Instagram, the kids are alt-right If a Nazi texted your teenager, would you want to know? We parents seem to have accepted social media as an inevitable part of our kids’ lives. They go on Instagram where we post our pretty pictures of food and artful vacation shots, and they’re Snapchatting friends and sometimes […]

  • Media

    Media savvy: Some Americans believe the dumbest things. How not to be one of them. As the never-ending election season moves from “midterm” to “presidential” mode, Americans are deluged by news alerts on their screens, and by breaking-news tweets, emails and sensational claims on cable broadcasts. By this time next week, the public will have […]

  • Mental Health

    How To Prevent Suicide Among Tweens Suicide is the second leading cause of death for children ages 10 to 14, who are online more than ever before. A center in New Mexico is working to change that. Get Happy: Four Well-Being Workouts Relieving stress and anxiety might help you feel better — for a bit. […]

  • Gender & Sexuality

    When Do They Need a Fig Leaf? Children like to strip down when the weather gets hot — but not everyone approves. A University Recognizes a Third Gender: Neutral Rocko Gieselman looked like any other undergraduate at the University of Vermont but perhaps a little prettier, with pale freckles dancing across porcelain skin and bright […]

  • Food

    Meet the Kleptogastromaniacs, Customers Hooked on High-End-Food Theft In this era of $10 artisanal mayonnaise and $50 “bacon steak,” shoplifters’ tastes have also changed accordingly. Steven Millard, a vice-president of Murray’s Cheese, says he remembers being on a train leaving the Union Square subway station and watching in astonishment as a young man pulled hundreds […]

  • Justice & Law

    Will black women save us . . . again? The people who will matter most in the next election won’t be the candidates, but rather the country’s 23 million black women. They are the heart and soul of the Democratic party and any politician of any complexion who ignores their power does so at his […]

  • Environmental Health

    High Lead Found in City-Sourced Eggs A study suggests eggs from neighborhood gardens show elevated levels of lead, but whether the amounts are alarming is not clear. Can a Product be Carcinogen-Free? Want to avoid applying known carcinogens to your skin and hair? Raising Concerns About Chemicals in Recycled Carpet Padding Every week, it seems, […]

  • 9/11

    Protecting Children From Raw 9/11 Memories On the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, it was hard for me to comprehend that a decade had passed since I watched the towers burn in Lower Manhattan. I could still picture the bodies free-falling through the sky like broken twigs. I could still remember the feeling […]

  • Design

    Richard Meier’s High and Mighty Beach House With 25 tons of glass and 5,000-pound I-beams, the architect creates a cottage to withstand any storm. A High-Level Collaboration on a SoHo Loft Prompted by her journalist partner, the choreographer and dancer Elizabeth Streb domesticates. Tenants of a Vanishing World An apartment at the Apthorp is a […]

  • Families & Relationships

    Helicopter parents’ are so 20th century. Say hello to the ‘snowplow parents $500,000 to get your kid into an elite college? Not cool. But when last week’s news about Operation Varsity Blues came out, psychologists and parenting experts recognized it for what it was: just the latest outrageous example of bad parenting they’ve been observing […]